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Editorial: Letters and Viewpoints

It is the policy of The Orkney News to allow members of the public to express their views through this publication.

We clearly mark when an item is a person’s view, opinion or a letter.

The Orkney News takes no view on these opinions.

We publish a variety of views so long as they are not racist, homophobic or any other form of hate speech.

One of the huge problems created by social media is an intolerance when a person conveys a view that you do not agree with. Discussion is to be encouraged and The Orkney News will always allow space for people who wish to express alternative ideas.


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  1. I’m pleased to see you reminding folk of this.
    Yesterday, in response to a letter from a member of the public, someone accused The Orkney News of having “plummeted to the gutter”. I was puttering away, that the Orkney News has a policy of publishing all views, as long as they are not offensive and are reasonably articulate. All views. This letter was expressing one man’s view, not necessarily the view of The Orkney News.
    But me puttering at my long-suffering husband, doesn’t get the message across – so I’m glad that TON have reiterated this message.
    TON is a community ‘paper’, to serve the community – in all it’s great variety.
    The saying is..”Don’t shoot the messenger.”

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