Letters: “Clear on Nuclear”

Dear Orkney News,

Vote for Jo the woman you know is happy to blow us all to kingdom come. Or vote to force Westminster to remove their weapons of mass destruction from Scotland.

Thanks, Angela Sutherland,  Shetland


There are 6 candidates standing in the Orkney and Shetland Constituency to be held on Thursday 12th of December.

David Stephen Barnard, Independent

Alistair Carmichael, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Coilla Anne Drake, Scottish Labour Party

Jennifer Fairbairn, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Robert Fraser Leslie. Scottish National Party (SNP)

Robert Watt Smith, The Brexit Party

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  1. Aye Angela, she doesn’t seem to realise that her Constituency would take the full force of any ‘FIRST STRIKE’ given that it goes right up to the base gates. Or maybe she thinks she’ll be one of the elites invited deep underground which at least means when it’s safe to return to the surface she will be able to view the awsome scale of her stupidity. If anyone is thinking of a Christmas present for Jo a copy of Neville Shutes’s book, ‘On The Beach’ would be appropriate.

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