Winter Wildlife in Your Garden

Leave the leaves

If you have plants that have died back leave the leaves where they are for mini beasts and other small creatures to find shelter.

leaves Hopkins

If you do want to clear them up put them in a pile in a corner of the garden.

Bird Feeders

Keep the bird feeders well stocked and don’t forget that water is needed too.

bird feeder B Bell

In winter birds have very little daylight in which to find food. They have to consume as much as 30% of their body weight to get through the long cold winter night.

Birds will get used to your feeders being there and rely on them so it is important that if you start filling feeders that you continue to do so.

If your feeders are located in a place where you can view them from inside your house then sit back in the warmth and enjoy the show.

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birds being fed in the snow



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