There’s More To Clestrain Than Meets The Eye…..

By Bernie Bell

Bernie Bell stone swirl

The John Rae Society and  Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) put their heads together and held an archive training workshop  on the 27th April 2019,   which included both members and non-members of the John Rae Society.

Dan Lee , of the UHI Orkney campus  managed the overall project, and sent the JRS  a summary of the archive day by workshop leader Sarah Jane Gibbon, also of UHI, with some results and a timeline as it stands now. Dr.  Gibbon also compiled an archive catalogue list for Clestrain. The day was a success, with lots of interest, and it showed that there is certainly scope for doing more archive research.

Clestrain Hall looking towards Hoy

Clestrain Hall looking towards Hoy Photo Martin Laird

As the project develops there will be a variety of heritage based training and research opportunities and the JRS warmly welcomes anyone that is interested, including non-members, to come along to their next session which will be advertised either through social media or on the website

Here are links to both the summary of the day, and Sarah Jane’s archive catalogue.

The story of Clestrain, just grows and grows.

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