Wounded Knee: #OnThisDay

On the 29th of December 1890 the 7th Cavalry of the USA massacred over 200/300 people of the Sioux nation at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

The Lakota Sioux had been on their way to the  Pine Ridge reservation where they thought that they would be safe. They were rounded up by the US troopers and forced to camp at a place called Wounded Knee.

It has been suggested that whilst ordering them to surrender their weapons that a Lakota gun went off. Hundreds of Lakota were then slaughtered as the troopers shot into the families – men, women, children and babies.

Twenty US soldiers received the Medal of Honor for their actions at Wounded Knee.

Wounded knee 1891

Credit: Northwestern Photo Co.

In 1990, both houses of the US Congress passed a resolution expressing “deep regret” for the massacre.

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  1. And those are people – the ones lying down, and the ones standing up.
    All – people.

    This picture reminds me of the photo of a lynching in America – where the body is hanging, and the crowd are standing around, looking pleased with themselves.

    What is it with us?

  2. Yet Orcadians still vote liberal, to hang, slaughter, and deride locals. When will they ever learn!

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