Skaill Bay – At The End Of The Year

By Bernie Bell

Bay of Skaill Bell

 Beach covered in scudding, flying foam………..

Bay of Skaill foam Bell

We met someone who was bemoaning that there is pollution “even here”.  So, Mike put on his scientist hat, and explained that what we were watching, is the result of the breakdown of seaweed and algae, to produce organic compounds which can produce  a natural detergent.

When this is whipped up by the wind, the result looks very like what you see in your washing machine – same difference.

Bay of Skaill foam Bell

We were then wondering if the ancient peoples of Orkney, and elsewhere, had realised this, and used this kind of foam as a cleansing agent, when they got the chance?  They noticed things, and worked out how to make use of what they noticed.  They did that a lot.

So why not using a natural detergent?  Something the modern world is just catching onto.

Old Man of Skaill Bell

The Old Man Of Skaill?

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    • And thank you, Rosie! As I’m not on Social Media, I don’t see much of the responses to my pieces, and I do wonder, sometimes, if they are read much, and what folk make of them. Fiona (G) assures me that they are read – but it’s nice to get a direct response! THANK YOU!

  1. I’ll be staying in Stromness for a few days in July 18-22 and it would be good to meet up with you and/or Mike. I so enjoy your insights and perspectives.

    • Hello again, and thank you again, Rosie! Yes, that would be good – I’ll ask Fiona to send you my email address, then you can contact me when you’re here. Mike would probably be at work, unless it was a weekend – we can work round it. See you then!

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