Signs Of The Times…. The Kirkyard Fiasco Continues

By the Bay of Hinderayre, stands the remains of the old Rendall Parish Church, surrounded by the graves of Rendall folk, going back for centuries.  I wrote about this kirkyard, here……..

Someone, in an office in the premises of Orkney Islands Council, made a decision, and gave an order, that some headstones in Orkney’s kirkyards, must be laid flat, in the interests of Health and Safety (!!!).  And you can read about this fiasco, here………

I last wrote on this topic, in anger, concerning a sign which had been placed in the Hinderayre kirkyard.  This sign has now been removed, but any cause for celebration was short-lived, as now, two signs have been placed on the gateposts to the kirkyard.  These gate posts are old, made of red sandstone, covered in lichen and mosses, and have dates of 1732 and 185? Carved into them.

They are a very fitting entrance to an old kirkyard, which holds so much meaning for local folk, and also for folk who came from far away, looking for their ancestors, and were delighted to find that those ancestors had been  laid to rest in such a beautiful, and homely spot.

And now – this is what people who come to the kirkyard are greeted by………….

Rendall kirk yard Bell

What is wrong with The Powers That Be at OIC?

I believe them to be lacking in humanity.

By the by – one of the notices says that certain headstones have been marked as unsafe – we couldn’t find any marked in this way – just the fine old gateposts, marked with pointless, jarring signs.

And OIC don’t have enough money for vital services, or for our two, exceptional farm museums?

Oh Brave New World of Orkney Islands Council!

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  1. Hello Todd Randall Robnett!

    I’m not on Facebook, so I’ll respond to your comment, here –

    I notice your middle name is spelt ‘Randall’ rather than Rendall? But – names of people, and of places, often didn’t settle into a definite spelling, until quite recently – some still get chopped and changed about a bit. So, you could be a Rendall!

    This book is a good source of information on Rendall Parish, and is available from the Orcadian bookshop………….

    It’s also a reet good read.

    In the old Rendall kirkyard, which I write of here, there are many Rendall family headstones – mostly in one section of the Kirkyard, as families tended to be buried together.

    If you’re interested in your possible links with Rendall, you could try contacting the archive at Orkney Library in Kirkwall – they are an absolute fount of information, and are also helpful sorts. If they can’t help you, they’ll know who can.
    I hope this is of help/interest to you.

    By the by – we love living in Rendall – feel very lucky to have found this house, in this place.

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