“This is a scandal and it has to stop.” Warns Union Over Offshore Wind Contracts

Trade union the GMB is concerned over the  loss of offshore wind contracts and manufacturing jobs.

GMB Scotland Organiser Hazel Nolan said:

 “Billions of pounds in manufacturing contracts and tens of thousands of jobs from Scotland’s offshore wind sector were lost to international competitors in 2019.

“Politicians of all parties spent last year preaching to people about ‘green jobs revolutions’ and ‘green new deals’, meanwhile the jobs of the future were sailing to Spain, Indonesia and the UAE.

“Workers and communities in places like Fife and Lewis are sick and tired of hearing about ‘jam tomorrow’, especially when redundancy notices are being handed out in the here and now. 

“We need to know when the eight turbine jackets promised to BiFab from the NnG contracts will be delivered and if Scotland is going to get any contracts at all from the Seagreen project, which looks like it will be built in the Far East.

“This morning UK and Scottish Ministers will be sitting round the table with industry majors and our message to both will be blunt: This is a scandal and it has to stop.”

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  1. I have always ‘wondered’ how companies in other developed European countries that pay higher wages, have better pensions, health & social care, etc, yet still manage to come-in with contract quotations lower than Scottish or UK companies??? How does the GMB explain this, maybe it’s hidden illegal State Aid subsidies or do they have other ideas on why they keep losing these types of contracts???

    Answers in an envelope, please.

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