Brexit Bill Passed in UK Parliament

brexit-imageIf you thought it would never happen – well it just has.

Boris Johnson has successfully got his Brexit deal through the House of Commons and it will soon be enacted.

The UK will leave the EU on Friday 31st of January 2020.

The Scottish Parliament, The Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly have all 3 voted against the Brexit Bill but it will go ahead anyway. Within it there is the option to limit the powers of the devolved Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament.

Brexit result

By Mirrorme22 Nilfanion: English and Scottish council areas TUBS: Welsh council areas Sting: Gibraltar via Wikimedia Commons

It was in June 2016 that with a high turnout of 72.2% the UK as a whole voted 51.9% to leave the EU with 48.1% to remain.

England voted 53.4% Leave to 46.6% Remain , Turnout 73%

Scotland voted 38% Leave to 62% Remain, Turnout 67.2%

Wales voted 52.5% Leave to 47.5% Remain, Turnout 71.1%

Northern Ireland voted 44.2% Leave 55.8% Remain, Turnout 62.7%

Gibraltar voted 4.09% Leave 95.91% Remain, Turnout 83.64%

The Brexit Bill aka  European Union (Withdrawal Agreement Bill) had some changes made to it since its first introduction including:

  • removing MPs’ approval role in relation to the Government’s negotiating mandate and removing enhanced Parliamentary approval process for any future relationship treaty subsequently negotiated with the EU
  • removing additional procedural protections for workers’ rights
  • prohibiting any UK Minister from agreeing to an extension of the transition or implementation period
  • removing the Government’s existing obligations to unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the EU who have family members in the UK

These were all passed yesterday in the House of Commons by a sizable majority.

The next stage is that the Bill now passed will receive Royal Assent then it goes to the European Parliament for approval next week.

House of Commons Chamber 1

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. DEMOCRACY??? I don’t think so and anyway it’s not Bojo’s deal it’s the Blessed Theresa’s with NO BACKSTOP but now a border down the Irish Sea – there is big trouble ahead!!!

  2. How is this time in Britain, got to be viewed by history? Will those who follow after us, wonder how on earth this could have been allowed to happen? What caused it?
    And I wonder about that – is it the rise of Popularism? The rise of Social Media? Is it that people are looking for a strong leader – all over the world, people are looking for strong leaders, but, all too often, those who come to power, are not strong, their strength is bogus. Bogus strength, masking megalomania.
    True strength is quiet, and solid, and doesn’t need braggaddo. (Definition – an attitude characterised by individuals who are show-offs.)

    History shows us that this has happened before, many times, but we don’t seem to learn. We have short memories – maybe a generation is enough for people to forget, and then, they vote in the bogus strong-men again.

    Meanwhile– we’re going to have to live through it.

    Hard times.

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