BorrowBox for Orkney Library Members

There are very few things as important as our public libraries – free and accessible. In Orkney we must have one of the best (if not the best) library services in Scotland.

And it is getting even better – expanding its service to allow even more people to access books and information.

Library members can download and borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks using an app called BorrowBox on their smartphone, tablet or home computer.

Click on this link to download BorrowBox: BorrowBox – Your Library in one app


Karen Walker, Principal Librarian, said:

“Known as ‘your library in one app’, it will give our members access to the majority of eBooks and eAudiobooks in our eCollection – and an ever-expanding range of new titles as well.”

“It’s easy to use and gives twenty-four-seven access to titles from the very best authors, including big names such as Margaret Atwood, Stuart MacBride, Lee Child, JoJo Moyes, Ann Cleeves, J K Rowling and Michelle Obama – among many others.”

BorrowBox comes complete with an inbuilt eBook reader and eAudiobook player and can be used online and with Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Readers can download eBooks and eAudiobooks using the BorrowBox app or via the Library and Archive website.

The app is available free of charge from the App Store and GooglePlay, as well as the Amazon Store for Kindle Fire devices.

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