Testing Facilities Established in Scotland in Response to Coronavirus

Two laboratories have been set up in Scotland in Edinburgh and Glasgow, for processing tests for novel coronavirus.

This will make the processing of results quicker. Up until now samples had to be sent to London for testing.

Dr Catherine Calderwood,Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer,  said:

“Ever since the beginning of this global outbreak we have been working hard to develop a testing facility within Scotland. I am pleased that we will now have two Scottish facilities, greatly reducing the time it takes to confirm negative results.

“Although all Scottish tests have so far been negative, we are prepared for the high likelihood that we will also see a positive case in Scotland.

“Our NHS is well equipped to deal with infections of this kind. We have a proven track record of dealing with challenging health issues, and have been preparing for this possibility since the beginning of the outbreak.”

The laboratories are in the  Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

You can check the daily figures for coronavirus testing in Scotland here:Scottish Test Results

So far all the tests for Scotland have been negative. On going to publication there were 4 positive cases confirmed for rUK.

You can check the results for the UK here: UK Test Results

The links also provide you with more information on the virus.

The risk of contracting the virus in the UK is low.


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