Labour Accuses the Scottish Greens of ‘Kow- Towing’ Over the Scottish Budget

Local MSP Rhoda Grant, Labour has reacted with disappointment to the Scottish Greens and the SNP striking up a deal to get agreement on the Draft Scottish Budget.

Free Bus Travel For All Under 18s From 2021

Rhoda Grant said:

“ It is deeply disappointing to see the Scottish Green Party yet again sell our local councils, our environment and, indeed, themselves, short yet again.

“By kow-towing to Kate Forbes, the Greens have given the green light to the deep cuts faced by local government and have entirely abandoned their call for an end to further infrastructure construction.

“Most galling of all is the Green’s acceptance of a pale imitation of the call, led by Scottish Labour, for free bus travel for under 25’s by supporting the SNP’s promise to merely investigate the possibility of free bus travel for those under 18, meanwhile passenger numbers on public transport are plummeting.

“Just last week, the Greens’ Ross Greer said they would not support a budget unless it was a “climate emergency budget”. If this is a climate emergency budget, then I suggest Mr. Greer and his party reflect on their environmental credentials.

“As ever, it is the young people of Scotland, our local councils and the environment that will pay the price for the Greens 15 minutes of fame.”

Rhoda Grant

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  1. Rhoda, come the budget time you and your Labour colleagues are always to the fore at shouting from the side-lines and always fail to say what you’d cut to pay for your ideas. You’ve also forgotten that your Wastemonsters colleagues voted down every measure that would have brought the necessary powers to Holyrood. Where are Gordon Brown’s promises of 2014 now?

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