A Knobbly Frog – And Lotte!

By Bernie Bell

I’m fascinated by the pond – and was out there again, as the day was so sunny and tempting.  This time, I saw a different kind of frog…..one of the smaller,  darker ones, with a knobbly back. Blends in beautifully with the pond-weed. That one took no notice of me, either.

frog Bell

I also watch the pond from our house, through my binoculars. I was doing so, and the funny thing was – it looked for all the world like our floating stone,  Lotte…..

pond Bell

…… named after the lady who made her https://lotteglob792300328.wordpress.com/, was being pushed across the water, by the frogs – probably just a combination of there being so many of them, and them swimming – but it did look like she was being pushed!

I enjoy the simple things!

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