2 COVID 19 Tests Positive in Shetland

As the number of cases tested positive rises it is sensible to not panic buy sanitiser – depriving some people of it and increasing the chance of infection in the general public.

Washing your hands regularly and using hankies (which you then bin) will help stop the spread.

The cruise ship season has already begun in Orkney and this will soon be followed by a large increase in visitors who come in by ferries and planes.


Today (9th of March) as of 2pm 2,078 tests were confirmed negative, 23 were positive. Updates in Scotland

Health board Positive cases
Ayrshire and Arran 1
Fife 2
Forth Valley 2
Grampian 4
Greater Glasgow and Clyde 3
Lanarkshire 3
Lothian 5
Shetland 2
Tayside 1

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  1. I’m a reader/subscriber in far-off Cincinnati, but we’re becoming bound (in addition by my stay in Shetland last September and my multiple stays in mainland Scotland) by this viral thing.

    So here I am, keeping everything clean and refreshed. Including my heart and mind. I’ve always thought of fire as the most perfect purification, but now, it might be a spray, or a lozenge.
    On my regular shopping rounds this past week, I made hand sanitiser, latex gloves, etc, part of my list. I was annoyed to find that the panic of fear left shelves stripped when I wanted only one of each to be held for when the thing was in full-throated pandemic mode. Then, as I moved from store to store to buy the foods we like, as is my usual routine, I realized that in each place, there was a pattern of ONE of each item remaining, no matter the brand. Not purchased. This continued during the week with two different stores. Then I realised I’d left them behind too. I couldn’t think why, but I somehow realised that it was the deeply embedded training of courtesy. Not to take the last of something. I’m sure of it. And I felt a type of goodwill about people that can easily escape me. Then, as my analytical mind took over, I remembered my age, a risk factor, and that I’d only wanted one of each. Additionally, maybe most importantly, I felt gratitude for our animalistic primal instinct to survive. The whole enchilada, as the saying goes. So I bought mine, even though they were the last. And if I live and prosper, and someone I love does not, my existential thinking would be subsumed by grief, but be valid, nonetheless. Being human is not easy.

    • That is a heartening thing to read, Whitsdad. Very human.
      When it looks like folk are getting more and more grasping – that some still show courtesy, is heartening.

      Do remember, that not everyone dies – it is like a bad flu – not everyone dies.

  2. Can I take this opportunity to ask folk not to freak out if someone is coughing. I have asthma, and have coughed for as long as I can remember – it causes no harm to anyone, as it is not infectious.
    There are a number of reasons why a person might be coughing – asthma, they have been a smoker, are a smoker, emphysema – nothing to do with an infectious virus – no harm to anyone.
    So, please, don’t turn us into social pariahs and … glare furiously at us when we’re out and about!
    Thank you.

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