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TardisIn case you haven’t heard the second season of Chibnall’s run of Doctor Who has ended in a highly disliked retcon to the nature of the Doctor’s character.  The retcon which saw the Doctor shown to NOT be a Gallifreyan but an unknown alien that was tortured to discover the secrets of regeneration and given to the beings that then renamed themselves Time Lords,was loathed by the Doctor Who fandon.

The BBC since then in a complete lack of understanding about the horrible nature of what has been done said they were all in favour of the change and in fact thought it was better this way.

Allow me to explain to you the actual horror of what the BBC thinks is a good change.


Let’s start with the Doctor. First introduced in the form of William Hartnell the Doctor was a traveller in time and space. We would get snippets about his past but nothing major since, well that didn’t matter. The Doctor’s origin wasn’t what was important.

Then you also got the big episodes like The Ending of the War Games or The Three Doctors. Here we began to learn about his People the Time Lords and found the Doctor we followed was nothing special, at least by birth and talents. He/she was a rebel, sick of seeing his/her god like people just ignoring all the horrors in the universe and standing above it.

dr who Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton’s speech in his last episode of his run had him call out his superiors’ non intervention way,  while on trial. As we met other Time Lords like the Master and Romana we learned the Doctor barely passed his/her Time Lord exam on the second try, while a genius to humans he/she was bog standard if not possibly lower academically to his/her own people. I hope you can already see the problem with the change to the Doctor now.

Rather than a rebel who was important by their actions, Chris Chibnall’s retcon claims that the most important part of the Doctor isn’t his/her actions but his/her birth? That all those titbits we learned about his past for 57 years were a lie. The Doctor is not Gallifreyan at all but the most important being in the universe? Some people would claim this adds a greater scope to the series but other people have correctly explained, by making the Doctor special, they removed what made the Doctor special. No longer is he/she an average member of his/her race who could no longer stand what their People was doing, but now he’s/she’s not a member of that race at all, and is in many ways above them. All stories where the Doctor feared death now make no sense (see Matt Smith’s entire run) creating huge plot holes. I have explained this as being akin to revealing that Clark Kent was never from Krypton but was in fact a government experiment and they made up his whole past to keep him on their side. You can’t just change the entire origin of a character and say that doesn’t change them.

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However a potentially more disturbing realisation has come to mind. That is due to how this change was applied to the Time Lords themselves. All Time Lord History is said to now be built on a lie. This includes historical figures we have met multiple times like Rassilon and Omega a figure the Doctor mentioned was a great hero to him/her which makes no sense if the Doctor is older. But it’s the nature of the actions of what they did, and what these BBC people think is ok that is really sickening. We learn that the proto Time Lords came upon the timeless child and did horrible experiments on her, killing her multiple times to learn the secrets of regeneration. This is the torture and abuse of a child. Chris Chibnall made the entirety of Time Lord society built on these atrocities and exploitation of another race AND THE BBC THINKS THIS IS OK!?

At first I viewed this as much like that statement in the made-for-TV movie of the 8th Doctor where it claimed he/she was half human, something else that was not well received by fans and just ignored explanations given to say it wasn’t true. But in reality this is more akin to an Avengers 200 where the then Miss Marvel, Carol Danvers was found pregnant. While the people in charge thought it was a romantic story of love and a happy ending for the character, readers including the previous Miss Marvel writer saw what this really was. In the story it even explained she was mind controlled to make love to her abductor and made pregnant. It wasn’t a romantic ending at all but a story of rape and body horror something the people in charge were blind to.

This my readers is what the timeless child is, turning a show about adventures in the fourth dimension by someone opposed to the stance of his/her People, into an unknown alien experimented on by a race of space child abusers, and I repeat, the BBC and all these people praising the show, think this is a good idea. Even when the fans cry out and the ratings plummet.

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  1. Oh dear, I used to adore Dr Who but haven’t watched it for years. I’m certainly not going back now.

    But it’s all of a thing now, isn’t it. You can only deserve and have good things if you’re special. Ordinary people can’t have them, can’t aspire, can’t expect to be valued and treated properly. It’s happening more and more.

    • Thing is, Freyalyn – there’s no such thing as ordinary people – we are all – all – extra-ordinary. That’s what those telly people don’t ‘get’.

  2. Since when was the Doctor ordinary? The Doctor and anyone around him/her is always extraordinary. Each iteration of the Doctor has developed and even changed the story, why should this version be any different? And Gallifreyan Cybermen, wow, really scary!

    • Ordinary by Time Lord standards if not below. What made the doctor extraordinary was his actions not his birth a fact that is irreversibly damaged by the retcon making him not a galafrayan as is mentioned and explained in the article. Also time lord cybermen were stupid and a insult to what made the cybermen work, but thats not really about the retcon so didnt write about it and that had been going on for far longer.

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