Marine Scotland Trialling Fish Quota Management Groups


Managing fish quota in sectors of Scotland’s seas is to undergo a trial period with Quota Management Groups (QMG)  to be set up.

The Quota Management Groups and Fisheries Producer Organisations (POs) will work together on the following to:

  • Help inform future policy around sectoral quota management as part of our Future Fisheries Management initiative.
  • Gain insight into the benefit returned to Scottish communities by QMGs/sectoral groups.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the utilisation of quota, a national asset, by private bodies.
  • Establish whether private bodies outside of the PO structure can manage quota effectively, and in line with Scottish Government objectives

The Fisheries Producer Organisations were part of the EU’s structure and now that the UK has left, the Scottish Government is looking at other ways to manage fish quota.

To inform the FFM process and future policy, legal entities, other than POs recognised under EU legislation, are to be permitted to have sectoral quota management responsibility on a trial basis until 31 December 2021. In Scotland, we will grant recognised Quota Management Groups (“QMGs”) many of the same sectoral quota management responsibilities as POs currently have. Quota Management Groups

It is a requirement that the Quota Management Groups have their headquarters registered in Scotland. They also have to have at least 2 active fishing vessels in the sector they represent.

Fergus EwingFergus Ewing, Fisheries Secretary in the Scottish Government  said:

“We are constantly looking at how we can manage our fishery resources in the most efficient and sustainable way.

“Quota Management Groups will have to operate in line with Scottish Government objectives and demonstrate that they have the expertise, systems and processes in place to manage quotas effectively and sustainably on behalf of their vessels.

“By working closely with Marine Scotland, the Quota Management Groups will potentially increase the understanding of our sea fisheries sector. Our hope is that the trial will bring benefits to Scottish coastal communities and inform future policy.”

More information here: Scottish sectoral Quota Management Groups (QMGs)


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