Coronavirus: COVID-19 Update March 11th

Today, 11th of March, the first case of Coronavirus – COVID-19 – transmitted within the community has been recorded in Scotland. Up until now all the positive cases have been from contact or returning from infected areas.

This is important why?

It is extremely important because COVID-19 spreads very rapidly and whilst you, yourself, may not be badly affected by the virus it is extremely serious for the elderly and anyone with an underlying health issue, like a respiratory problem.

Panic buying and thus depriving others is not an answer as everyone has to take responsibility for limiting the spread of the infection.

Shockingly very few public buildings in Orkney have hand sanitiser available on entering/leaving premises.

It is very much up to individuals to take responsibility and ensure they wash their hands regularly – good old soap and water is excellent for this.

The World Health Organisation has now declared this to be a pandemic.

If we want to protect the vulnerable and elderly in our community we have to act rationally and heed the advice about regular hand washing, using hankies and staying at home when we are not well. COVID-19 Guidance for non healthcare settings

A total of 2,316 Scottish tests have concluded. Of these:

  • 2,280 tests were confirmed negative
  • 36 tests were positive



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