Letters: Replacing our Ageing Ferries


Dear Orkney News,

Our fleet of internal ferries is now so old and unfit they would be illegal in many parts of the world.  Even so, our councillors, MSP and MP prefer to score political points rather than enter discussions about replacing them.

James Stockan will not secure a deal for whatever type of ferry and funding package by attacking every party that can help him.

Liam McArthur’s LibDem party have put party politics ahead of the needs of Orkney and Shetland voters twice in the last two years.

The upcoming Sustainable Orkney conference gives us a chance to discuss this sensibly and arrive at affordable, viable and more importantly eco-friendly solutions to this problem.  Let’s hope this time our public servants listen to what the people of Orkney say and serve the needs of those who elected them.

Yours, Mike Robertson, Orkney

Varagen in Kirkwall

Varagen in Kirkwall credit: Mike Robertson

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