2020 Big Garden Birdwatch Was The Biggest Ever

2020 was the biggest ever RSPB Garden Birdwatch ever. This is now an annual event held in January when members of the public watch birds in their garden, local park etc for 1 hour and count the numbers of different birds which appear. They then send their results into the RSPB.

It is  an important survey in how our garden birds are faring. Those taking part can also enter details of other wildlife which may have entered their gardens.

Nearly half a million people took part in 2020 and counted in total 8 million birds.

Orkney’s results show the starling as the most common garden visitor.

Orkney top ten bird watch

Scotland’s results saw the house sparrow at the top of the table.

  1. House sparrow
  2. Starling
  3. Chaffinch
  4. Blue tit
  5. Blackbird
  6. Goldfinch
  7. Wood pigeon
  8. Robin
  9. Great tit
  10. Long tailed tit

Download here: Scotland results Big Garden Birdwatch 2020

Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 Scotland

While house sparrows and starlings may be the UK’s most commonly sighted birds, a closer look at Big Garden Birdwatch data shows that numbers have in fact dropped dramatically since the Birdwatch began in 1979. House sparrows are down 53%, while starlings are down 80%. It’s a pattern echoed by two more garden favourites, with blackbirds and robins down 46% and 32% respectively. RSPB

You can get the results for the England and Wales here: Big Garden Bird Watch

And the full results for where you live here: full results Big Garden Birdwatch 2020


Photo DickDaniels (http://carolinabirds.org/)

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