Get Ready for the 2021 Big Garden Birdwatch

Every year thousands of people take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch.

credit: M Bell

This year the survey of our garden visitors take place over the weekend of 29th to 31st of January.

All that is required is that for one hour on one of those dates you note down the birds that visit your garden. If you don’t have a garden you can use your balcony or the local park.

To take part click on this link: Big Garden Bird Watch

There’s a lot of helpful information and a pack which you can download.

Credit Bell

Sean McMenemy, Director of Ark Wildlife has provided his insight on the benefits of families getting involved in the Birdwatch:

“Maintaining concentration while home or remote learning is difficult for younger children and their education can suffer. However, giving them permission to gaze out the window, or explore the garden is a great way to learn without them even realising it.

“Counting, recording, drawing, observing and identifying visiting birds are all valuable learning opportunities in a fun and exciting way.

“Birds are very present in all our lives. Even children who say they ‘know nothing’ when asked, are surprised when questioned about common birds.

“It’s fun to show children how much they know without even realising it. It builds confidence and encourages children to engage further in the natural world.”

credit Bell

Sean continued:

“Spending time watching or walking in nature has been shown to benefit both mind and body, and this is as true for young people as it is adults. Sitting quietly in fresh air or walking in open spaces calms the mind and body, it balances our physiology and promotes production of positive hormones. Slowing to the pace of nature and it’s natural rhythms is greatly beneficial and contrasts starkly with our fast paced digital existences with all its distractions.

“Time spent in nature is never wasted.”

The survey is important. not only because it involves so many people in a massive community response, but because it records how many birds, their species and other wildlife that live around us. It has been going on for so long it also can indicate where some birds are falling in numbers and others doing much better.

To see last year’s results click on this: 2020 Big Garden Birdwatch Was The Biggest Ever

credit Bell

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