Supporting Health & Social Care Workers and Carers

‘You look after us, so we’ll look after you’

A digital hub has been established to support workers in Health and Social Care and Carers with their physical and mental health.

The hub will provide a range of health and wellbeing resources.

Link here: National Well Being Hub, PRoMIS 

The Hub is a partnership between national, local and professional bodies with a shared passion for looking after the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our country’s health and social services workers.

The Well Being Hub is being delivered through a partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Anchor Service and NHS Lothian’s Rivers Centre working with Health and Social Care in Scotland.

Jeane Freeman June 2018Jeane Freeman,  Health Secretary in the Scottish Government funding the Hub said:

“This is a tremendously stressful time for our health and social care workforce and unpaid carers, juggling the demands of working in highly pressurised emotional environments with concerns for their own safety and that their families. We will do all we can to support them.

“The hub, the first of its kind in the UK, has the theme ‘You look after us, so we’ll look after you’ and has been developed with the support of a range of organisations, including professional bodies and trades unions. It actively encourages people to make use of available services such local NHS helplines for staff across health and social care services, including care home workers.

“Protecting health and social care staff, wherever they work, continues to be a priority for the Scottish Government and this includes doing all we can to protect people’s mental health. That is why, in addition to the wellbeing hub, we will also be providing staff with access to coaching and the opportunity to shape our future policies through a new Workforce Wellbeing Champion Network.”



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