Poetry Corner: Wake Up Call

By Sally Case

Nature happens

with or without us.

Fresh Spring unfolds,

natural, instinctive.

Birds are singing,

finding mates,

creating new life.


Vibrancy bursting

into leaf and blossom,

nature thrives;

while humanity

is locked down,

a victim

of its rapaciousness,


a microscopic predator.
by sally case 8.4.20
'PPE' artwork by sally case

‘PPE’ artwork by sally case

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  1. The Mask of Death!

    This poem is real, and direct. A lot of what’s written around coronavirus, is either a bit hysterical, maudlin, or plain miserable. Why add misery, to misery?
    Yours is just – saying it. Life is continuing, all around us. We’ve messed things up. Nature continues, and, maybe, deals with us in her own way. That’s how I read it, anyway.
    As always, each person who reads it, will interpret it their own way. To me, it’s real and direct, and I like that. Two qualities getting harder and harder to find.

    Or maybe the new world we’ll emerge into, will have more of those qualities – I am relentlessly optimistic! I have to be………….


  2. If you’d like to see more of Sally’s work……

    And, if you’re curious about the mask, Sally says……..

    “I made the mask from paper mache, acrylic paint and varnish, reminiscent of history’s black death mask worn in a dark time by doctors. For juxtaposition It’s placed amid sweet smelling jasmin in the fresh spring air.”


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