Malcolm IV King of Scots : #OnThisDay

On 24th of May 1153 Malcolm IV was crowned King of Scots.

Malcolm IV and David I in the Charter to Kelso Abbey

Malcolm IV and David I in the Charter to Kelso Abbey

Born in 1141, he was only a boy when made King. He was the grandson of David I who had been a very powerful monarch introducing many changes into Scotland.

The boy Malcolm succeeded to the throne because his father, Henry, had died in 1152. Malcolm IV became known  as ‘The Maiden’. He was not the powerhouse his grandfather had been and gave away many of the lands in northern England David I had brought under the rule of Scotland. Henry II was King of England and completely outmanoeuvred Malcolm to sign the Treaty of Chester.

Malcolm IV did not have an easy time back in Scotland either with rebellions in Moray and more famously by Somerled, King of the Isles. This ended in the defeat of Somerled when he was betrayed and killed before he was able to engage his army against the King.

Malcolm IV died on 9th of December 1165 in Jedburgh. He was succeeded by William I, King of Scots – William the Lion.  Malcolm was buried in Dunfermline Abbey. He was only 24.

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Detail of Dunfermline Abbey from John Slezer’s Theatrum Scotiae, 1693

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