Einhallow – Shadows of the Past

Inspired by legends of secret passages beneath Tewkesbury Abbey, the mysterious murder of the Princes in the Tower of London, and the myths and magic of haunted Orkney Islands and Icelandic Sagas.

Einhallow – Shadows of the Past – A new book by Esther Neate

“So, you think the Wars of the Roses ended with Bloody Meadow, and the massacre in Tewkesbury Abbey, think again…”

Buried in the shadows of time, entwined with dark magic, a royal murder and its secrets stalk Emily; a teenager with no name and no past. The magical world of Einhallow holds the key, but the dragon at the heart of earth magic and a centuries-old riddle hides the one remaining path

Esther Neate is an internationally renowned expert in Crime Scene Investigation. She developed the UK’s first Digital System for Fingerprints, which was featured on BBC Tomorrow’s world with Matt Baker.

Einhallow – Shadows of the Past. Available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback. ISBN-13: 979-8645390587

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