The Battle of Jutland #OnThisDay

poppyOn May 31st 1916 the largest naval battle of World War 1 commenced. From 31st  May to 1st of June 8,500 men were to lose their lives and thousands more injured. From over 100,000 sailors at sea, 1 in 10 died or were wounded

The Battle of Jutland between the navies of Britain and Germany killed 6,000 from the Royal Navy and 2,500 from the German High Seas Fleet. Both sides claimed victory. The German fleet although suffering fewer losses never put to sea again to challenge the Royal Navy in such a way again during World War 1.

To find out more about this naval battle of the North Sea click on this link: What was The Battle of Jutland ? and related links on that page.

To find out about the memorials erected to the thousands who lost their lives click on this link: Battle of Jutland

The graves of some of those killed are situated in Lyness Naval War Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney.

Lyness Naval Cemetery

This link provides a wealth of materials including teaching resources: The Battle of Jutland Centenary Initiative

Watch: this programme covers the ceremonies which took place in Kirkwall, Orkney in 2016. The Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet was based at Scapa Flow in World War One.

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