New Book: The Rainbow of Truth by Roger Conlon

The Rainbow of Truth  consists of seven different short stories.

The Rainbow of Truth by Roger Conlon

‘Escape to Paradise’ is the story of a dejected woman who left her career for her husband and children and has lost the spark of life, but then goes on to experience something far more.

Saudi Triangle’ is about a group of people being manipulated by the American Government for the terrorist attack of 9/11.

A woman ends her relationship with her boyfriend in ‘The Leither’ and is on her way to make up with him again, when something unthinkable happens.

‘The Clairvoyant’ is about a couple who wins a lottery with the help of a clairvoyant.

Roger Conlon took up creative writing at night school during his twenty-five-year spell working in Edinburgh’s financial services industry. He has had two books published, The Price of Silence, an autobiographical account of his life in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and The Wishing Well, a crime thriller about a group of British dissidents who try to uncover corruption in the armaments industry. Roger has one hundred short stories published on Amazon and the latest book is a collection of the ones he has chosen for publication.

Roger moved to Orkney  from Edinburgh in 2015 and is working for two charities on a voluntary basis while continuing to pursue his career as a writer. A fourth book titled The Canongate Triangle, a crime thriller set in Edinburgh, was published in late 2019.

The Rainbow of Truth by Roger Conlon is published by Austin Macauley Publishers and is available on and Amazon and all good booksellers.

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