The High Ground

Alec RossEvery day you think the bar can’t possibly get any lower. Every single day, it does.

Despite watching America burn and riot, the British Government, desperate for a trade deal – any kind of trade deal – with a neo-fascist – refuses to condemn or even engage with Donald Trump. Although that’s hardly surprising when the nominal Prime Minister (the de facto one is the one speaking to him through an earpiece, a certain Dominic Cummings) has caused an increase in attacks on Muslim women by comparing them to letterboxes.

To be honest, I feel ashamed to be even connected to these people in any way. I feel shamefully complicit. Scotland’s decision, now six years old, to renew its membership with this parcel of rogues is a matter of profound sadness and regret.

In these post-truth times, the concept of a moral compass in politics seems almost quaint. But without one we are totally lost.

Scottish MPs should not travel from Scotland to Westminster at the beck and call of the Tories during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A guy wrote this week that, as parliament slowly returns, our Scottish MPs should adopt an indefinite Abstentionist Policy to Westminster. He was bang on the money – with one caveat.

I’d go further.

Scottish MPs shouldn’t go back at all. Ever.

It’s over. Enough is enough. This is our chance to get out of this midden for good.

“Stay at home”, has been the mantra of this pandemic. For me, after everything that has happened, it now has a second, different, deeper meaning. Let Scotland be Scotland. And let’s bring our democracy home for good.

Stay safe everybody. I’ll meet you further on up the road.

Alec Ross

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  1. Alec, couldn’t agree more but what really irks me was listening as that Alistair Carmichael, my MP, told Wastemonster yesterday of his horrendous journey to get there and telling us of the prospect of his even more horrendous return journey, probably very similar in time to Iain Blackfords or Angus MacNeils’ but I really do feel sorry for Jamie Stone who has a sick wife to look after.
    But what has really got up my left nostril is this ‘far-too-late’ quarantine introduced by ‘Petty Patel’, with everyone asking the same question, “Why was this not introduced in February?” And to think if it had not been for our generosity when she and her parents were thrown out of Uganda and we took them in we might not have to endure her stupidity now, she’s a real plonker and cloth ears!

    • Charles, we took the merchants into Britain, although stripped of their wealth they were wheelers and dealers and so would benefit us. Our so called generosity meant we got the golden geese and Uganda kept their eggs up until that date !!

      • Bernie, the alternative at that time as I saw was to invade Uganda – not a good idea then or now.

  2. Totally agree Alec. My immediate reaction? I was ‘ragin’, but I also felt actual despair such as I haven’t felt since 2014. I had always hoped I would never feel like this ever again but alas.

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