Trump’s in His Bunker – And What’s Wrong With The World?

By Bernie Bell

Pic by McB

Thinking of Trump, lurking in his bunker while protesters light fires around the Whitehouse, NYPD drive into groups of people, and trample a young woman under the hooves of a horse – reminded me of that other well-known person who retreated into a bunker when the going got tough – Adolf Hitler.

Imagine The Bunker From Hell, containing Nero,  Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin, Musso, Mao Zedong, Trump et al.

It would be like the reverse of choosing who you’d most like to be with at a dinner party, or be stuck in a lift with.

On the other hand, retreating into a bunker could be the beginning of the end?  It didn’t end well for Mr Hilter.

Where would we be without the Python’s?  Hit the nail on the head every time, through time.

How will future generations views these times?  While a virus eats its way across the world, the President to the United States of America – ‘United’??? – hides in a bunker and praises the government paid ‘law enforcers’ who are prepared to drive heavy vehicles into the very people they are supposed to protect.  These are mostly young people,  too, who should be our future. And, they are thinking, aware young people, who are not prepared to let mis-rule, rule, and are prepared to take action about it.

I saw the film of the police vehicles driving though those soft, human bodies. The people being driven into, were not throwing stones, or bottles or Molotov cocktails. They were just trying to take a stand and make a statement about what is happening to their world.

Trump would claim that they are rabble-rousers – “thugs” – who have no right to protest, and who should stay at home.  Gives a whole new meaning to the slogan ‘Stay At Home’ as a safety measure.

Trump needs to be de-bunked and de-bunkered – seen for what he is – though you would think  that has become plain enough.

Get him out of his bunker, where, no doubt, he still pronounced his dictates via Twitter.

Consign him to an alternative bunker, in which he can complain to all the other fascist dictators  there, that he was only doing what was right, to ‘make his country great again’.

And, no doubt, they would all agree with him, and clap him on his back.

And Jesus, wept.

Destroy power Hoxa Head credit Mike Bell

Graffiti inside a structure dating from WW2 at Hoxa Head, Orkney Credit: Bell

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  1. Thanks for my morning laugh but you didn’t mention that Hitler was carried out of his bunker, soaked in petrol and burnt, now that would be a fitting end for you know who, LOL

    • He looks like he’s ready to spontaneously combust anyway!

      Watching his speech about ‘sorting it out’ for the State Governors, I said to Mike….. “He looks like a fungus, with a talking arse-hole in it.”

      And he does – and an un-healthy fungus, at that!

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