Welfare of Dogs Bill Introduced to Scottish Parliament

Improving the welfare of dogs and puppies is the subject of a Bill introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 1st of June.

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If the Bill is passed and goes into legislation it will strengthen the regulation of breeding, selling or giving away dogs in Scotland and establish a more responsible approach to acquiring a puppy or dog.

More breeders would require to have a licence and the Scottish Government would be required to set up a puppy register.

Download here: Explanatory Notes Welfare of Dogs Scotland Bill

Illegal puppy farming in Scotland and across the UK is big business. In Scotland alone it brings in £13million. Puppies are kept in appalling conditions with the mothers also having too many litters. Very often the puppies have health issues which results in them becoming extremely ill and dying soon after purchase.

#SayNoToPuppyDealers is run by the animal protection charity SSPCA.

If you are going to buy a puppy, do your research and buy from a responsible breeder. Don’t buy online or from someone where it’s impossible to verify where the dog is actually coming from. Follow our top tips for finding the right dog for you. 

If you have any information about puppy farming or concerns about a dog you’ve purchased, call our animal helpline in confidence in 03000 999 999. 

Together, we can stop the suffering and bring this barbaric trade to an end. SSPCA

The Welfare of Dogs (Scotland) Bill was introduced by Christine Grahame, SNP, MSP and if passed will also require the Scottish Government to publish a code of good practice that a prospective acquirer of a puppy or dog must follow.


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