4,000 Reported Deaths in Scotland Where #Covid19 Is A Factor

4,000 deaths have been registered in Scotland where Covid19 has been recorded as a factor on the death certificate. These are the weekly stats from the National Register of Scotland (NRS) as at the 7th of June 2020.

Download: covid deaths report week 23 NRS June 7th 2020

These figures continue to show numbers decreasing . The registered deaths are now 4% above what would be normally the case for this time of year.

The numbers of deaths in care homes also continues to decrease, however, most of the above normal deaths are occurring in care homes.

NRS Care Homes 7th June 2020

Care Homes Reported Suspected Covid19 Cases

The Care Inspectorate amended their notification system to ask services to notify each individual suspected case of COVID-19 on the basis that the potential presence of COVID-19 in a care home should be notified as soon as possible. We are aware that Health Boards and Local Authorities may be recording an outbreak as occuring where there are 2 or more cases in a care home.

Cases are self-reported by care providers and should be considered suspected COVID-19. Some cases may subsequently have a formal positive test, other cases after testing may prove not to be COVID-19 and some cases will not be tested. It is possible not all cases have been reported by all care homes, or there may be a delay in reporting.

The number of care homes with suspected cases using the Care Inspectorate definition may therefore be higher than figures held locally.

Cumulative numbers are counts since data was first reported and will include cases which are no longer active. Care Inspectorate

Orkney Care Homes

Care Homes Orkney covid19 9th June 2020

Care Homes Orkney covid19 % 9th June 2020

This data was released after Jeane Freeman, Health Minister in the Scottish Government, sent a letter to all Health Boards in Scotland that they publish more information about the management of Covid19 in relation to Care Homes.

Data for Care Homes Across Scotland

Health Board Care Homes Data Scotland June 9th 2020

Cumulative number of suspected COVID-19 cases per 1,000 registered places by NHS Board

Health Board Care Homes Data Scotland % 9 June 2020

Cumulative % of adult care homes with a suspected COVID-19 case by NHS Board

Also published was the number of staff and residents in Care Homes who had been tested for Covid 19.

Care Home Staff and resident testing 9 June 2020

Number of Tests – Care Home Staff and Residents

This data is submitted as management information by NHS Boards to Public Health Scotland and details the number of tests by NHS laboratories for care home staff and residents.

The data does not include tests that are carried out by UK routes (regional testing centres and mobile testing) and therefore is likely to underestimate testing for staff.

It also does not include any tests that have been delivered through the social care portal. Care Inspectorate

Bearing the above comment in mind from the Care Inspectorate, testing is voluntary.

All this data is in the public domain and can be found on this link: Weekly data on COVID-19 in adult care homes in Scotland.


To be effective in limiting the spread of the Covid19 the contact tracing element of Test and Protect has to be working.

On Wednesday 10th of June, Orkney published figures for testing correct as to the 1st of June [Testing Figures For Orkney Released]

“555 tests have been carried out in Orkney so far, with 388 since the beginning of May”

There have been 8 recorded positive tests in Orkney. Two people have died.

Unfortunately as yet there are no figures published as to the number of contacts traced.

In Scotland as a whole on the 9th of June there were:

  • 3,335 tests carried out by NHS Scotland Labs
  • 1,412 drive through and mobile tests carried out by Regional Testing Centres

The numbers of tests being taken in Scotland is still well below capacity.

Test and Protect Data

New data has now been released on the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect Strategy which was rolled out across Scotland on 28th of May 2020.

Since 28 May to 7 June 2020, the test and protect figures are:

Cases* – 681 (of which 481 have completed contact tracing)
Contacts traced – 741

*A case is generated for each positive result with a test date on or after 28 May.

This includes tests derived from Scottish laboratories (see COVID-19 Confirmed Cases) and from UK Government laboratories (which will be published in subsequent publications).

The number of cases are higher than the numbers of positive cases reported. This will be the subject of further exploratory work; including reporting the total number of positives cases though all testing channels (future publications).

You can read the full report here from Public Health Scotland:

Download Public Health Scotland Covid19 Statistical Report As At 8th June 2020

The data so far on Test and Protect is so limited it is not possible to gauge how successful its implementation is either locally or in Scotland as a whole. This new data will be published weekly and The Orkney News will continue to monitor it.

As always highly recommended for statistical information that is accessible is:

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

This excellent site is run by an individual.

Let’s hope one of the many lessons to be learned from this public health crisis will be the presentation of information to the public in an accessible and understandable format.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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  1. About testing and quarantine. Say I arrive at Heathrow and I have to give an address where I will remain for 14 days. I then hop on the underground to Kings Cross, catch a train to Aberdeen get a taxi down to ferry terminal board te ferry for 12/14 hours to Shetland ending with a taxi to my home in North Mainland – nowhere have I seen any mention of being tested? If NO TEST what’s the point of quarantine as I will have left in my near 900-mile wake God knows how many people I could have infected with NI IDEA who they are? Seems to me it’s like closing the stable door months after the horse has BOLTED!!!!

    Another WORLD BEATING SYSTEM and on ‘Air Bridges’ would anybody really want to come to the Uk – apart from visiting Wastemonster to watch the parade of our MP’s, LOL.

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