Supporting the People of Palestine

Orkney Friends of Palestine took part in a silent vigil on the steps of St Magnus Cathedral on Saturday, 4th of July.

FOP Silent Protest St MG Cathedral 04 07 20

credit: Kenny Armet

The OFoP were highlighting the plight of the people of Palestine and the current actions of the state of Israel as it threatens to annex major parts of the West Bank and the whole of the Jordan Valley.

Commenting before the event  Peter Breingan, Chair of OFoP, explained:

“This will be in violation of international laws and numerous UN resolutions and the UN Charter. It would destroy the possibility of a Palestinian state, and create serious unrest amongst Palestinians, as well as further undermining the positive influence of the UN in many other global conflicts.

“Orkney Friends of Palestine (OFoP) profoundly rejects this so-called ‘peace plan’ as do the Palestinians themselves.

“If the annexation goes ahead, in any shape or form, sanctions against Israel must be invoked by the international community including the UK. .

“We do not wish to see the apartheid state expand, we wish it to end.

“Palestine must become free and independent for there to begin normal relations with the state of Israel. The Middle East can then begin to heal after over a century of strife.”

Orkney Friends of Palestine protest 4th July 2020 credit Nick Morrison

credit: Nick Morrison

The vigil was held between 11 am and noon on the steps and in keeping with physical distancing the group had no more than 5 people taking part. Similar protests took place across many parts of Scotland and internationally.

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