Covid19 Memorial Gardens at Crematoria Planned

Grieving and paying respects to loved ones who died as a result of Covid 19 was especially difficult during those first few weeks of lockdown when restrictions severely limited what people could do.

A few weeks ago The Orkney News reported on the plans of one operator of crematoria in Scotland to erect a memorial garden to those who had died during the pandemic: Creating Covid-19 Memorial Gardens

The Westerleigh Group has now released an artist’s impressions of what a memorial garden might look like at each of its 34 sites across the UK.

In Scotland this would be at Borders Crematorium,  Stirlingshire Crematorium and West Lothian Crematorium.

Westerleigh COVID-19 Memorial Garden

Explaining what the gardens would be like Regional Manager George Bell said:

“These gardens will be tranquil places for people to visit and remember loved ones who died during the pandemic, and to pay tribute to those who sacrificed so much to help others who were sick, isolated or vulnerable.

“The centre-piece of each garden will be a stone monument surrounded by a floral arrangement representing a rainbow, which has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic.

“Many people have put pictures of rainbows in their windows during the lockdown, to cheer up passers- by and to offer a bright message of hope.

“Our rainbows will be created using the vibrant colours of Begonias, Petunias and Geraniums.”

The stone at the centre of the memorial gardens will be made from all-polished black granite and is a typical traditional memorial for remembrance but with a Westerleigh change of design. The memorials will be individually carved by Westerleigh’s highly-skilled stonemasons.

Work is expected to begin on the stone memorials in the Autumn with garden landscaping taking place in early Spring 2021.

The team at each crematoria is now working to identify the best location within their grounds for the gardens, which are expected to open mid-to-late Spring, 2021.

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