Urgent Action Needed to Support Low Income Families

David Stewart MSP Scottish LabourDavid Stewart, MSP, Labour, has called on the Scottish Government to act urgently to provide direct and immediate financial support to low income families, at least equivalent in value to the forthcoming Scottish Child Payment of £10 per week per child.

Scottish Labour state that there has been a 108%  increase in Orkney’s unemployment levels since last year.

In June this year there were 385 people receiving unemployment payments compared to 185 in June last year – and many of those with children are likely to be struggling to make ends meet.

David Stewart said:

“More and more families across Scotland are facing financial hardship, but the SNP Government are failing to provide the direct and immediate support needed.

“Added to this, rising unemployment means that unless the furlough scheme is extended, and a quality Jobs Guarantee Scheme is introduced, even more households will find they cannot make ends meet.

“While the forthcoming Scottish Child Payment has been welcomed, it will not start to reach families until 2021, but so many families need help right now.

“Anti-poverty organisations from across Scotland have repeatedly called for the Scottish Government to bring forward a payment equivalent to the SCP as soon as possible.

“The Scottish Government has both the ability and moral obligation to do this.”

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  1. Oh dear!! Another unionist trying his very hardest to smear a Scottish Government! It must be embarrassing to have to try your best whilst wilting under the current “leader” of the “Scottish Labour Party” and to have to deal with what I thought I’d never see…….someone with a title as leader of the Labour Party! There will be many socialists birlin’ in their graves!

  2. David I do wish that you and your colleagues would stop telling fibs for you know full well that the Scottish Government unfortunately do not have Rushi Sunak’s ‘Magic Money Tree’. Of course things might have been different if Labour at Wastemonster hadn’t joined with their Tory buddies to VOTE DOWN every single recommendation resulting from ‘The Smith Commission’, recommendations that would have allowed the Scottish Government powers to raise money just like the ‘Lenders’ can in Germany for example. That decision was very short-sighted by your Labour so called friends at Wastemonster – you could (admittedly, highly unlikely) be the ones trying to find support. So, as you can’t borrow what would you CUT???

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