#Covid19 Vaccine – The Picture So Far

By Nick Morrison

There are  around 140 vaccines currently in preclinical trials. The clinical trials are divided into 3 phases.

Phase #1

Tests carried out on a small number of people to see if the vaccine is safe to use in humans. There are 18 in this phase.

Phase #2

Tests carried out in a larger number of people to see if  the vaccine triggers an immune response to the vaccine. There are 11 in this group.

Phase #3

Tests carried out on a much larger number , typically hundreds to thousands to see if the vaccine actually works to protect against the virus. This also includes a control group who are given placebo. There are 5 in this group. Phase 3 will probably also sort out if there is a different response in the BAME group of by blood type. This group has been seen to be susceptible to having a severe reaction to Covid, as was the case with SARS.

So when? Don’t hold your breath! Current thinking is we might have one in 6 months at best, many are suggesting 12 to 18 months is more likely. The Russian announcement of  a vaccine ready to roll is at best premature since they have as yet to complete phase 2 testing let alone phase 3.

Now is not the time to lower our guard. Aberdeen was a salutary wake up call if indeed one was needed.

Link:  Orkney Outbreak #Covid19 Test & Protect


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  1. We’ve come a long way since Johnny Notions and his largely unrecognized successful ‘Smallpox’ vaccine years before Jenner who grabbed all the glory. As for the Russians we should not be too hasty in dismissing their claims, remember they’re quite brilliant in the field of bio-chemistry especially for use in chemical warfare!!!

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