Rabbits Care & Facts

Many thousands of people keep rabbits as pets but sometimes they tire of them and then the rabbits have to be rehomed.

Image by zoosnow from Pixabay

The SSPCA run a rehoming service for rabbits so if you decide to get one as a pet check them out first. Make sure though you are prepared.

Rabbits are social animals. They need attention, a hutch, food and  vet fees will need paid.

They need quite a big space because where you home them will also require activities that can keep them interested – tunnels and toys. The hutch should be a minimum  of 10ft x 6ft x 3ft high. 

Click on this link to view rabbits which the SSPCA have to rehome: Rehome

Rabbits teeth never stop growing so they do need to nibble and chew. Carrots are not good for them because they contain a lot of sugar and not enough fibre. 

The best diet for a rabbit is one that’s as close to a wild rabbit’s diet as possible and remember they always need fresh water.

You can find lots of more information on the PDSA website. Click on this link: Rabbits

crop little girl with rabbit in hands
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

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