Fishing Sector Urged to Complete Survey

Owners of UK registered fishing vessels are being urged to complete a survey by public body Seafish.

The annual survey will include questions this year on the impact of Covid-19.  There will also be an opportunity for vessel owners to say how effective government support measures have been for their businesses.

The fleet survey is usually undertaken by a team of researchers visiting hundreds of ports and harbours across the UK. Due to Covid-19 and challenges with travel and physical distancing, a different approach is being taken this year.

Vessel owners will be posted a pack containing the survey form and guidance on how to complete it. Survey forms can be completed and returned freepost to Seafish or alternatively they can be done online or over the phone.

The fleet survey research team can be contacted for queries or support with completing the survey. All responses are treated as confidential, with no figures from any individual vessel revealed in any outputs.

For further information or support with completing the survey form contact Seafish at or on 07876 035 759.

The results are shared with the industry and with government. They help policy makers better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the UK fishing fleet and the impact of fisheries management measures.

In recent months, data from last year’s survey was used by all the governments in the UK when designing targeted Covid-19 support packages for the fishing industry.

Kirsten Milliken, Economics Project Manager at Seafish said:

“ It should only take 15 minutes to complete and our researchers will be available by phone or video chat to help if requested.

“Vessel owners can also arrange an in-depth discussion with our researchers if they want to tell us more about how their business is being affected by current challenges and their expectations for the future.

The Economics of the UK Fishing Fleet report for 2019 – which is based on last year’s survey results as well as landings data – will be published soon.

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