A Meditation

By Bernie Bell

Recently, I hit a low.

To try to help me to get through, and out of, this state of mind, I tried meditating.

I lay down on the sofa and either listen to a guided meditation, or just….breathe…… following my breath.

I was listening to a C.D. by Richard Lawrence https://www.aetherius.org/richard-lawrence/  entitled….’Meditation’!  Richard suggested picturing a blank screen, and placing your thoughts on it.  I didn’t take to the idea of a screen – so I pictured a blank canvas instead – but I still couldn’t get my head round ‘placing my thoughts on it’.  I couldn’t catch how to do that.

Then I got an image of –

A drop of water, falling into water, and the ripples, spreading out, over and over again.  Not dropping into a pool, as there were no edges – the canvas had gone – there was nothing in my awareness, except the drop of water, dropping into the water, and the ripples spreading out.

The drop of water, dropping into the water, and the ripples, spreading out.

It was very soothing and I fell asleep!

I now find that, going about my day, if I feel myself starting to tense up, or feel ‘teary’ – I can stop, and picture the drop of water, dropping into the water, and the ripples spreading out, again, and again.

And, again, it is soothing.

I’ve written this down, for if it might be helpful for someone else, to picture….

A drop of water, dropping into water, slowly, gently, and the ripples spreading out, over and over.  Simple as that. Nothing else.


‘Droplet’. A piece by Robin Palmer in the Pier Arts Centre Exhibition, December 2019

A droplet, doing what droplets do – sending out ripples.

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  1. Bernie, have you ever thought of stretching out on the couch and listening to recordings of whale songs? They can be really relaxing, I know I once fell sound asleep when I was accompanying my late wife who was undergoing treatment for cancer and she was getting these group relaxation sessions, the others were wide awake whereas seemingly I was snoring my head off – at least they had a good laugh at my expense.

    • Mornin’ Charlie

      I have listened to recordings of whale songs – but – for some reason, they don’t ‘float my boat’. They are soothing, gentle sounds, but, at the same time, they get me quite wound up. I kind of travel with them, and it’s more exciting, than restful!
      Thank you for the suggestion though, and I do like your tale of the therapy group. I can image the whale songs, fluting away, while Charlie snores like Popeye!
      Whale song did it for you. Peter Maxwell Davies does it for some people – a few years ago, Mike and I were at a music performance in St. Magnus Cathedral. Neither of us is keen on PMD music – but it was part of an event with other composers, too.
      In one of the ‘plinky plonky’ bits by PMD – a quiet bit – from a few rows behind us came the sounds of someone snoring – and I mean snoring – the real fog-horn in the mist kind. Some were pursing their lips and disapproving – some were suppressing giggles – some were just – giggling.
      Presumably, the bloke got a good rest, out of it!

      As we’re on the subject, I’ll mention here, what I do listen to – in case it’s helpful to anyone. Here goes……

      Gregorian Chants
      Paul Horn, playing his flute in the dome of the Taj Mahal
      ‘Vison’ The music of Hildegard of Bingen
      ‘Heavenly Revelations’ more by Hildegard.
      ‘Mediation’ by Richard Lawrence
      ‘Deep Healing’ by Matthew Manning
      ‘Deep Relaxation’ by Matthew Manning
      And – ‘Reiki – Pathway to the Soul’ by Audrey Murr Copland

      I know it’s quite a lot! But I have a lot of disturbance to settle!

  2. That droplet on water is truley relaxing. Another thing that I find helpful is focusing on the clear blue space between clouds for real or in imagination.

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