A Personal Photo-Time-Line Of The Hall of Clestrain – Part Two

By Bernie Bell

And so, on to the year 2017 – The Winding Stair…..

The stair used to be covered in pigeon poo, too – but had been cleaned up and was now fit for use. 

‘Below Stairs’ in what would have been the kitchen – what might this have been used for?

And, outdoors – the remaining out-building – there were originally two – balanced symmetrically across the back yard…

I can see this becoming a very useful, and pleasing, Visitor Centre – when funds allow!

One visitor, in 2017, touring Scotland in his camper-van, had brought a wee friend with him…..

All were welcomed to JRS hospitality, hot drinks and cakes, provided in Jean and Ivan Craigie’s garage, kindly loaned to JRS for the day.

In Spring 2019, Jean and Ivan once again were kind enough to loan their garage for the  Open Days, enabling the JRS to exhibit some of the artefacts which are being acquired, relating to John Rae and the Arctic…

Since then, Casey Construction  https://www.orkney.com/listings/casey-construction-limited  have  generously donated a smart Portacabin to the JRS, to use as a temporary Visitor Centre.  This means that JRS can display information and artefacts in a warm, dry place – and – it’s got a loo!

The Hall gets new guttering!!  It is now wind and water-tight…

Also, a new back door  – remember the flimsy, feather encrusted old back door?

The winding stir, leads us upstairs, where we can get some idea of the shape of the rooms…

Looking out from an upstairs window – imagine a time-shift – who is looking out – and when?

I’ll leave the Hall, for now, with a view of the sea-ways.  A view which will have been familiar to John Rae, and his family, and visitors, such as Mr & Mrs Franklin.

And if you missed part one here it is : A Personal Photo-Time-Line Of The Hall of Clestrain – Part One

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