No Move to Phase 4 While Scotland’s #Covid19 Cases Continue to Rise

The 3 Islands Authorities are the only parts of Scotland which had no new confirmed cases of Covid 19 on 8th of September. Worryingly across Scotland every other council area on the mainland reported cases with updated guidance issued for the West of Scotland due to the sharp rise in cases there.

It was clear from the briefing by Nicola Sturgeon, FM of Scotland and Jason Leitch the National Clinical Director, that they are extremely anxious about the increasing spread of the deadly Covid19 virus.

The age group where the rise in positive cases is taking place is in younger people. Schools are back, universities and colleges are returning and more people are socialising in wider groups.

The rules are still the same to limit the spread of the virus. When these are ignored it gives the virus the opportunity to transmit to others.

It would have extremely serious implications to the economy if places and businesses had to shut again due to the continued spread of Covid19.

The FM confirmed in her briefing that there would be no move to Phase 4 whilst these figures remain so high.

This will be deeply disappointing for many but this is a public health crisis with a virus which can leave people with life changing health issues if they survive it.

Governments, businesses and health authorities can do all they can to stop Covid19 in our communities but it can only be achieved by individual behaviour. That is why FACTS is so important and that advice has remained unchanged.

There were 3 more deaths in Scotland yesterday where Covid19 was the cause. The transmission of the virus has been given its chance by individuals ignoring the guidance – attending house parties, going around several pubs and being in crowded places.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The decisions we all make as individuals, still affect the safety and well-being of our communities.

“So please do everything you can to avoid creating a bridge for the virus to cross over from one person to another or one household to another, if you do that there is less chance of you getting the virus and less chance of you transmitting the virus and less chance of course of you being contacted by Test and Protect and asked to self-isolate as a contact of someone who has tested positive.

“It’s not easy for any of us to do all of this, but doing all of this helps us individually to contribute to a situation where collectively we have the best chance of keeping this virus under control”

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. A general relaxing on the part of the public is a factor in the rise in cases and the reason for this is the decision of the Scottish Government to reopen the schools with no social distancing for pupils. Some young people are ignoring the rules and they are following Sturgeon

  2. I don’t understand why so many people are behaving as though it …isn’t happening.
    Does every single person, need to know someone who dies of Covid, before they will take it seriously? That’s an awful lot of people.
    We, the public, are the front-line in this. It is with us. The government/s can give guidelines – or not! But, it’s down to us – it really is.
    I genuinely don’t understand, when I see folk on the telly, sitting together in restaurants etc. Re-opening pubs was a mystery to me – but it’s up to people whether they go there, or not.
    The trouble is, it might not necessarily be the eejits who suffer for it.

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