Gallus Scottish Women : Protests and Suffragettes

Women, apart from a few notable exceptions like Mary Queen of Scots, have until the last few years, been missing from the retelling of Scotland’s Past.

The Hall of Heroes at The National Wallace Monument installed statues of Mary Slessor and Maggie Keswick Jencks- created by female sculptures in Scotland, and moved to the gallery in April 2019.

Mary Slessor at Calabar

At The Orkney News we produced an award winning animation about the Orcadian Woman’s Suffrage Society and an education pack as part of the centennial commemorations of 2018 when some women for the first time were able to vote in a General Election. For anyone who would like a copy of the pack please email:

The lack of educational materials in Scotland’s schools about women in history is a chasm which needs to be addressed.

Protests and Suffragettes

The ‘Protests and Suffragettes’ project is aiming to redress some of that imbalance in its own way by celebrating the gallus women behind Scotland’s radical past.

The artist-led, voluntary team of creative activists and local historians based in Glasgow and Dumfries is led by t s Beall who has been working to highlight these histories in Govan and Glasgow for over a decade.

Education Packs

This year the project wishes to publish and distribute ‘Scottish Suffragette Education Packs’ for even more schools and Youth Groups across Scotland.

The education packs include playing cards and further information about the women and their campaigns.

To do this they have set up a crowdfund which you can contribute to here: Celebrating Scotland’s Suffragettes

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  1. Isn’t ‘gallus’ a great word – like ‘dreich’ – just catches the meaning, like nothing else can.

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