Protect Scotland: #Covid Tracing App

Protect Scotland now have a simple App for mobile phones which you can download.

The App is free to download and is for people who live in or who are visiting Scotland.

It will enable users to be contacted if they have been in close proximity to a person with a positive Covid test.

This is important when it could be someone you do not know – so someone in a store you visited or been near on public transport, for example.

If you test positive for Covid it will also help to trace anyone who may have been in close contact with you.

Click on the links to take you to the downloads

iPhone At the App Store

Android Devices at the Google Store

The App will take you through the easy to install process.

The more people who have the App installed on their mobile devices the more effective it will be at contact tracing.

It is only one strand in the Test and Protect strategy. For people who do not download the app there will still be contact tracing as before.

Test and Protect is one part of limiting the spread of Covid. The most effective way of preventing transmission is to keep to the rules of FACTS.

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