The Orkney Blues Fest….Approaches!!!!

By Bernie Bell

Plans are afoot for the Orkney Blues Festival to beam out, in virtual form, over the last weekend in September.

The groovy folk organizing the Fest, are keen to make it as ‘lively’ as possible – probably most straight forward if  I quote Director of the Fest, Marcus Cordock, wholesale….

“Hi folks

I’ve had a look at a few options to include some live music, pre-recorded or otherwise for the festival this year.  However, following the Scottish government advice it would be very tricky and of course we have to think about the safety of everyone first.

However it gives a great opportunity to celebrate the festival in a different means.  We will have a chance to tell a few stories, share some memories and celebrate the Blues Festival in all of its forms for the past 20+ years. 

Below I’ll list a few different ways for everyone to get involved, and depending on what we can gather together we can figure out how best to share it with all the OBF supporters.

– Performers, if anyone wants to send in a video of you performing from home it would be great to share online.

– If anyone has any fond memories/stories that you would like to share, you can do so either in writing by emailing me, or if you would like to do a video message this would be most welcome!! 

– A questionnaire featuring these questions put forward by Eamonn Keyes:-

1. Who was the best act you ever saw at the Festival?

2. What was the weirdest thing you saw at the Festival?

3. What things happened to you there that you’ll always remember?

4. Who came the farthest distance to attend it?

5. What the worst hangover you had whilst attending it?

(Any others?)

– I hope to record a podcast called The History of the Blues Festival that people can listen-in to, maybe radio Orkney would be interested in it? 

– If anyone has any videos or photos they would like to share, please send them over if you’re happy to.

If there are any other suggestions or additions – they would be most welcome.  

Many Thanks

Marcus Cordock


If anyone would like to contribute, help out in any way, or just keep up with developments for this year’s Fest – you could contact Marcus, or check out the website   and Facebook  pages.

Meanwhile – a few C.D.’s from previous Blues Fests….

If you notice an emphasis on Babajack – there’s a good reason for that – have a listen ….

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