‘Future Me’ Podcast Supporting UHI Students

‘look up, look forward, be in the know’.

Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety are perfectly normal as the world negotiates its way round the dual challenges of Covid19 and climate change. What will be the employment opportunities for those starting out on a new pathway after completing perhaps years of study?

The University of the Highlands and Islands has developed a series of podcasts to support students and graduates at this time of global uncertainty.

Launched by the Careers and Employability Centre, in each episode of the podcasts, guest speakers will unpack their career and share varying perspectives on the world of work.

The first Future Me podcast series features a range of interviews with employers, staff and graduates that share their own career stories, experience and advice.

Nicola Smith, Head of Careers and Employability, said:

“The theme running though this podcast series is ‘look up, look forward, be in the know’. 

” This new resource gives us an opportunity to communicate with students in a different way to provide them with insight into a range of career journeys, shared by real voices, in an accessible format. 

“We believe that there will be something of interest to everyone no matter what subject or level you are studying at, how you are learning or where you are located. 

“We want listeners to see their career decisions not as ‘problems to be solved’, but as amazing opportunities to be curious about.

“This podcast will encourage them to be open to exploring the possibilities and to consider what careers exist across our region and beyond.”

Future Me Podcasts Credit @ThinkUHI

Produced and hosted by the university’s curriculum development and employer engagement team, Katie Masheter, Alana Macleod, John McLuckie and Audrey Decou, each episode is approximately thirty minutes long and it features guest interviews from businesses and academia to students and staff, with more details of student support services available locally across the university partnership available. 

Highlands and Islands Students’ Association President, Florence Jansen, said:

“The service provided by the careers and employability centre is a major component of the student experience at the university and helps so many students develop the skills needed to thrive in this uncertain time, giving them confidence to succeed in their chosen careers. 

“We’re so excited to see how the new podcast adds to the service provided and hope it motivates our students to stay connected, ambitious and excited about their futures.”

The series is available now from the careers and employability centre at www.uhi.ac.uk    

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