Explore Orkney & Scotland From Your Armchair with Digital Doors Open

Next weekend, 26th/27th September, is Doors Open, the annual event where public and private buildings allow access including behind the scenes views of places across Scotland.

2020, as we know, is different, and due to Covid restrictions, most places cannot allow access to the public as they once did.

But like so many events this year you can access it all virtually. As online community media this is what we do all the time at The Orkney News. Here’s a wee keek behind our scenes:

Throughout Orkney 17 organisations and business have thrown open their doors – digitally. Click on the links to view their Doors Open.

You can check on Facebook on the Orkney Doors Open page.

Kim Burns, local co-ordinator of the Doors Open Day festival said:

“I did fear that, with lockdown and the continuing closure of many public places, this year’s Doors Open Days Festival was just not going to happen.  But this festival is an opportunity for heritage venues in Orkney, who have had to remain closed, to showcase their wonderful exhibits. 

“Those interested in the Hall of Clestrain can follow a virtual tour and see the John Rae Society’s plans for the future of that building, and if you are missing Barony Mill, or the Fossil Museum, the Wireless Museum or the Folklore and Storytelling Centre, you can see them this weekend via the Doors Open Days event.

‘I had originally planned for Orkney’s contribution to this year’s festival to have a strong art theme, and I am delighted that so many of Orkney’s artists are represented in this year’s Open Days festival. We have tours of their studio, we can see how they work, or what inspires them.

“It is such a treat to watch how Sam Clark created ‘Flow’ the beautiful wall within the Balfour, and we also get to see the Balfour’s other art works – often in places the public cannot see. Thanks to Doors Open Days, we get a little online tour of the art there.  We also have a special short film from musician Karen Tweed.

“It is also a good opportunity to see The Orkney News and Gardemeles Museum – both exist online only.  And Radio Orkney are taking part too, for the second year.

“I am also delighted that OIC have taken part – we have a tour of the Council Chamber with Harvey Johnson, a visit to Corrigal Farm Museum, and a tour of the archive.  I am very grateful to Emma Gee, Arts Officer, for all her help and support.”

Being online you can even visit through their digitally doors open places wherever they are. Click on this link : Doors Open Days Scotland 2020

So take a closer look behind the scenes of all these amazing places – and you don’t even have to wait till next weekend.

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