#Covid Update in Scotland

The R number is now estimated to be over 1.4 in Scotland. This is the rate of transmission which means that one infected person will pass the virus on to more than one person and so on. This rapid rise in infections has meant the following updates have taken place:

Schools to remain open

NHS paused services to progress towards restarting.

Businesses to remain open and trading to continue.

All those who can work from home should do so.

Reinforced public messaging on the importance of FACTS , hand washing and personal hygiene.

Self Isolation

  • Support package for those having to self isolate.

Self isolation applies to – those with symptoms awaiting a test result, those with a positive test result – and including members of their households & close contacts

Financial support for those on low incomes – £500. – to be announced

Strict nationwide curfew of 10pm for pubs, bars and restaurants – from Friday 25th September with increased inspection and enforcement

Household gatherings –

No household gatherings within homes with the following exceptions –

  • people who live alone
  • single parent/carer with children – includes those who formed extended household
  • couples in non-cohabiting relationships
  • informal childcare – i.e. with grandparents
  • trades people

Public Indoor Spaces – rules unchanged – you can meet with one other household only and in groups of no more than 6 people

Households outdoors – You can meet with one other household in groups of up to 6 people outdoors, including in private gardens. Children under 12 – exempt both from the limit of six and the limit of two households.

 No limits on children under 12 to play together outdoors.

Outdoors onlyyoung people aged 12 to 18 will be exempt from the two household limit – they will be able to meet together outdoors in groups of up to six, 

Car sharing with people outside your own household – advised against

Overseas Travel – non essential overseas travel for holidays etc – advised against.

People in the shielded category – to follow the same guidance and rules as other members of the public.

The above rules and guidance will be reviewed in 3 weeks.

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  1. Thank you Fiona – you’ve set it out very clearly.
    One thing I don’t understand – not to do with how your article is presented – it’s just something I don’t understand.
    Why are people not to meet other people that they know, and know what their life habits are, in their own houses – but can go to a pub in which there are loads of strangers, that they know nothing about?
    I have nothing against pubs, far from it.
    I do have a lot against rules which make no sense.
    It makes sense to ask folk not to meet up, unless necessary – but – pubs and restaurants are still OK? Until 10 pm that is. While there are still restrictions on funerals and other family gatherings? No, that doesn’t make sense, to me. It doesn’t add up.
    I’m staying home anyway. We’re saving a lot of money by not going out – a wedding anniversary, two birthdays – no meals out. We’ll enjoy it all the more when we do, but I’m beginning to wonder when!

    • I assume it’s because they have to observe physical distancing in pubs etc and they won’t be walking around sitting up close to one another. And / or the economic impact to those businesses if they were to be closed would be devastating for them and everyone who works for them. And / or apparently the evidence from the contract tracing is that it’s in peoples homes that the infection is spreading from person to person across households (Fiona G)

  2. Good evening Fiona,

    I am a private music tutor that provides piano tuition for ages of 6 years to 70. I run my business from my home address in Stranraer.

    Each of my pupils attend my house wearing their mandatory face mask as do I, they enter and sanitise their hands with alcohol gel I provide. I then sit more than two meters away from then in a well naturally vented room. On completion of the lesson the child sanitises their hands again and I completely disinfect my piano thoroughly along with any surface they have came into contact with. At no point is there any other person within the property and parents are required to wait with their vehicle. The measures I have in place within my home are higher than schools when it comes to hygiene.

    My business was completely decimated during the first lockdown. I was immensely proud to be able to build my business back up again when lock down restrictions eased and bring piano back to my pupils. The vast majority of my pupils cannot afford their own piano and many of our local primary schools do not have the funding to have music in their schools. I find my services are a valued commodity in my surrounding area.

    I have a large number of pupils going forward for their graded music exam this year.

    With the new restriction that comes into effect tomorrow (23/9/2020) I fear the worst for the progression of my pupils and for my business once again.

    Can you provide any guidance or clarification if I can continue my business from my home address. Music is my trade and our area needs music to continue.

    Yours sincerely

    • Hi Flora , Lockdown must have been dreadful for you being unable to teach at all. What are the arrangements for the graded music exams this year? Will they also be able to go ahead? There must be others also in your position. I would suggest you email Jason Leitch himself and get his answer on how you can continue to still teach from your own home . email ceu@gov.scot It has all got extremely complicated I assume because the aim is to try to keep things going – especially for children and young people. There’s also this phone advice line If you run a business in Scotland you can also get advice by calling the Scottish Government’s helpline: 0300 303 0660. It is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. Select option 1 to speak to the COVID-19 team. (Fiona G)

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