714 New Positive #Covid Cases in Scotland

Scotland’s cases of covid continue to rise. Today’s published figures show a rise of 714 new confirmed cases . This is 11.5% of those people newly tested. In Orkney the officially confirmed number now totals 22.

There is also an upward trend in the number of people who have to be hospitalised due to complications arising out of the virus with 11 in intensive care.

The best way we can protect ourselves and others is to remember FACTS.

This is very important if we want to protect our community and allow businesses to remain open.

As an added element to protection you can download the protect Scotland App to your phone.

Download for Apple: App Store

Download for Google: Google Play

This is part of Scotland’s NHS Test and Protect strategy.

New restrictions were introduced to Scotland earlier this week with pubs and hospitality from last night closing at 10pm. #Covid Update in Scotland

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