Poetry Corner: ‘COVID ALERT’

By Anna

Time to get serious KEEP ORKNEY COVID FREE ,
Lets not give COVID a chance for when he comes around

Our older bairns walk to school all in huddles and groups, masks in pockets but not worn on route,
The folk that shop down the town, they stop for a yarn, with their masks, rolled down ,
You go to school to pick up young bairns, With a playground full of folk , who could spread covid germs
Never a mask is in sight, nor 2 metres apart! wheres the sense in this, please have a heart
A killer disease can come any day, where both young and old, can be its prey
So I ask you this, with an honest plea, we have been lucky till now, but cant you see
Covid does not care, who it kills in its path
Yet a mask on your face, can avoid COVIDS wrath

Orkneys worked hard to stay COVID free
So heres a suggestion for you and for me , meet only 6 this is my plea
When you leave your house cover yer face
2 metres apart will save our beautiful place

Now if we all simply follow these rules . And wash yer hands all the time, we wont be the fools
We can keep open our shops and businesses alike
let us fight COVID and not lose our rights
or we will pay for our country who is Losing this plight

Go to the pub , but please don’t get hammered
It’s the publican who suffer, and workers jobs not honoured
Every action we take both sober or not could ruin it all, and can we ask for what !

Its simple and easy to follow these rules
These are all you need, to fight COVIDS horrible tools
Mask on face wherever you go , meet up to 6, Mores , a no go,
2 metres apart, means 2 metres not 1 , and stop chatting at Tesco door, because you think its fun
Put a mask on all the time, its not what the government say,
But figures they rise, more and more each day

The government says wear them here wear them there
But is not working because people don’t care
Folk need to hug , folk need to care, and Covid knows this so uses this to share
Folk need to talk , crowd, hurry , shove and yell
But Dying a COVID death is a living hell

So lets lead the country for once and for all
Show them how its done, for one and for all
A mask on yer face where ever you go,
not here and there, We are not that slow
Orkneys faces be covered , Keep covid at bay
Wash yer hands all the time and we wont be its pray
2 metres apart that’s how its done , and make parties of 6 , right special fun
Please hear this plight and follow it well
And Save Orkney from a COVID HELL

Thank you

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