‘Keep Me Posted’ Say MSPs

Labour’s Rhoda Grant MSP and David Stewart MSP have assured constituents in the Highlands and Islands that they can still be contacted by mail or over the phone, despite regional offices remaining closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MSPs were contacted by the consumer campaign, Keep Me Posted, which aims to ensure that consumers who do not have access to the internet or who just prefer to receive bills or mail by post are able to do so, for an assurance that constituents can still contact their MSPs by post.

While the vast majority of constituent contacts now come in by email or via website or social media, both Rhoda Grant and David Stewart are also pleased to receive letters or speak to constituents over the phone.

Rhoda Grant MSP said:

“In line with government guidelines, like other MSPs across the region, we were forced to close our regional offices in Inverness and Stornoway at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and with cases rising again we’ve been unable to open them again as planned.

“Representing such a large region and one where broadband and digital connectivity can be a challenge for many , it’s essential that constituents who aren’t on-line are still able to contact their MSPs with any problems and issues they might have by phone or in writing, something our office has continued to facilitate right through the lockdown and to date.

“That’s why I’m backing the Keep Me Posted campaign to send a clear message to constituents that I can still be contacted in various ways, including by post if that is the method that best suits them”

David Stewart MSP, added:

“The Keep Me Posted campaign does a great job standing up for those who want to continue receiving hard copies of bills, statements or other important documents, and I’m happy to keep receiving mail from constituents as well.

“Many people prefer to receive documents and correspondence by post as they may feel it is more secure or because they don’t have access to digital communications method or the skills or confidence to use technology. Being able to pick up a pen and paper and write to your MSP will always be important and something I’ll support.”

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