Denise Mina Great Scot Award Honoree

Scottish crime writer Denise Mina is to receive the Great Scot Award at a virtual celebration by The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA. The award will be presented by New York Times best-selling author Laura Lippman.

Denise Mina has published 14 novels, and in 2014 was inducted into the crime writers hall of fame. She has also written, short stories plays and graphic novels.

The event which should have happened back in April was cancelled and has moved online due to the Covid restrictions.

It is part of a virtual celebration of Scotland’s Treasures which will include special guest appearances, music and an online auction. The money raised goes towards supporting the conservation of Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage.

You can find out about the virtual event here and how to sign up to it: A (Virtual) Celebration of Scotland’s Treasures Tuesday, September 29, 2020 7pm EDT.

You can watch Denise Mina talking about her book ‘The Less Dead’ here

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