Playing With Shapes At Burwick

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

Christmas, 2018, we walked the first section of the South Ronaldsay West Coast Walk, starting at Burwick.

Near the end of September this year, we went on the same walk, and as we weren’t chasing the light so much, so we took time to explore around the concrete honeycombs by the car park for the Burwick ferry, and I was fascinated by the shapes and the light and scenes caught through the shapes. So, I took a lot of photos – maybe not to everyone’s taste, but I likes them….

As far as I can tell, some of these blocks were used as breakwaters for the jetty, the rest are just stacked there – making shapes….

We then carried on along the path, which curves round behind the upper cluster of honeycomb blocks, noticing interesting shapes along the way, produced by nature instead of by man.

You’ll have heard of The Old Man of Hoy?  Maybe this is The Boy of Burwick….

A prefect thistle rosette….

Not particularly eye-catching as shapes, but who can resist a sea cave – or a shag?

Even on a walk we’ve done before, there’s always something different to see.

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